Friday, 20 June 2014

Number 94: Go punting

Last Friday I spent a wonderful evening punting on the river (so Cambridge!) for my friend's birthday.  This was no ordinary punting though - this was a bat safari!

Bat Safari Punt Tours
From here...

I've actually not yet experienced "normal" punting - the only other time I've been we went on a punting ghost tour (where I discovered that my Dad has an unhealthy knowledge of hanging techniques...)!  Both tours have been with Scudamores who I can't recommend enough, as both tours were fantastic!  If you fancy something a little out of the ordinary, you should definitely try them out.

Back to the bat punting though... I wasn't expecting that we'd see any actual real life bats, but I was proved completely wrong.  Armed with detectors, some information sheets about the various bats we might spot and a very informative volunteer guide from the Wildlife Trust, we managed to spot some Pipistrelles and some Daubentons (which feed by swooping down to catch insects from the surface of the water).  They were completely captivating to watch and tracking and spotting them pretty exciting (so much so that I didn't take any photos...).

So that's punting more than ticked off!

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