Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Number 19: Discover 10 new favourite restaurants - Bill's

I know that I'm pretty late to the party but I'm loving Bill's at the moment!  I'd never come across them until I moved to Cambridge, but since then I seem to come across branches everywhere I go!

I really like the laid back atmosphere, the rustic décor and the deli feel.  The food's always been great (the ginger and blackcurrant smoothies are a winner) and the service has been good, even when I freaked the staff out by eating alone!

Bill's holds some good memories so far - the first drinks out with my new colleagues in Cambridge, a solo work trip to Salisbury and an impromptu reunion in Manchester (their first "northern" branch).

The most northerly Bill's (photo c/o Justin)

So, whilst there may be nothing extraordinary about Bill's I still love it and hopefully there'll be lots more good memories to add to those that I've already collected there.  

You've got to love a restaurant that hands out healthy snacks...

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