Thursday, 16 April 2015

Number 13: See ten “so-called” classic films - The Lady Vanishes

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After watching the latest BBC version of The Lady Vanishes at the end of 2013, having never heard of it before, I was completely taken with the story.  I've long been a fan of whodunnits (how do you become Miss Marple?!) and I love 1930s fashion, so naturally this was right up my street.

I recently re-watched this version and then managed to track down the book the film was inspired by at the library. So, to top of the set, I thought I'd watch the Hitchcock version.  Each version of the story is slightly different, which (unusually) I really liked - it's good to have a new twist in the story to keep you on your toes!  All in all, I think the book was my favourite version of the story (original and best?).  Maybe don't use it as your commuting book though... 

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